Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this membership automatically renew every month?

A: Yes, it is set to renew every month, however, you can cancel your membership at any time and come back at any time.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: To cancel just login and click the cancel link in blue under the “Your Payment History” menu. This will redirect you to PayPal where you will need to login to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription to "Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons". Click here for more info on how to cancel your subscription

Q: If I want to become a member again in the future, how do I renew my subscription?

A:If you want to become a member again, just login to the site with your old username and password and click “Order” under the “Add/Renew Subscription” menu **Note: Make sure you have selected the subscription that you want, either “Fingerstyle Guitar Series"($12.95) or "Beginning Guitar Series" ($12.95) before clicking order.

Q: Can I get a refund if I decide I do not like the lessons and or songs?

A: Unfortunately, No. In order to prohibit people from stealing the tabs and video lessons, we cannot offer a refund. We will only issue refunds to those who have over-paid for one month. Ex: You accidentally paid two or more times for only one month when you initially signed up. If you are dissatisfied with our service, you can cancel your membership and you will no longer be billed (See previous Answer for instructions on how to cancel).

Q: I signed up, however, after I log in, I cannot find the video lessons and tabs. How do I get access to them?

A: Once you are logged in, click the blue link that says “Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons” on the left hand side of the screen under the “Your Subscriptions” menu. ("Beginning Guitar Lessons" link for the beginners series) **Note: If you have not completed your payment correctly, this link will not appear. You will still be able to login, however this link will not be shown under the “Your Subscriptions” menu and you will not have access to the lessons and tabs** Please check your PayPal account to see if your payment was completed correctly before trying to pay again. It will be listed as “Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons” in your PayPal account.

Q: I am having problems paying with PayPal. What should I do?

A: Make sure that you have a valid and verified PayPal account and that you know your login information before using the pay with PayPal option. If you don't have a PayPal account, mark the circle that says “No PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).” This option allows you to pay with a credit card without having a PayPal account. **Note: If you have not verified your bank account or credit card, your PayPal account will not allow you to buy or pay for goods and/or services online.

Q: I am new to playing guitar and have no musical background. Will this site teach me everything I need to know about playing guitar?

A: The Beginning Guitar Series can teach you how to play from square one, where as the Fingerstyle Guitar Series is more for someone who already knows how to play the guitar, but wants to learn fingerstyle.

Q: When I sign up, will I have access to all of the video lessons and tabs, or just the ones you have added that month?

A: You will have access to all of the songs on the website (old and new) with video lessons and tabs.

Q: Can I start, stop, fast forward and rewind the video lessons?

A: Yes, our players for the video lessons have scrub bars that allow you to stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, and even jump to any specific part in each video lesson.

Q: Can I request a certain song that I want to learn?

A: Absolutely! Just email with your request(s) and he will add them to his list of arrangements that he is working on for new material.

Q: If I have a specific question about a certain part in a song, can I get help with that?

A: Yes, email with your questions and comments and he will be happy to assist you with any particular section of a song and explain anything that was not clear to you in the video lessons and tabs.

Q: I'm having trouble viewing some of the tabs?

A: Most of the tabs are in PDF format and should be opened from the links on the tab page or the links on the actual video lesson page that has the player. If for some reason a tab does not load correctly, try right clicking the link and clicking “save target as”. Also make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Evince as the older versions are not capable of reading these type of pdf's

For all other questions please email

Dan or one of his website administrators will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

We appreciate your business and keeping you a satisfied customer is very important to us.