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Each lesson has a performance and instructional video for the song as well as guitar tablature and music notation. Sign up now and start learning some great tunes!
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Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Welcome to, one of the best online resources for learning fingerstyle guitar! Whether you're a beginner looking learn the basics of fingerpicking or an intermediate or advanced player aiming to expand your fingerstyle repertoire or improve your technique, this site offers a variety of material that is sure to help you become a better fingerstyle guitarist. This site offers hundreds of fingerstyle guitar arrangements ranging from beginner to advanced, all taught step by step with video lessons and tabs. New arrangements and lessons are added monthly so that you never run out of material to work on. To sample a few lessons for free, click here. You can also read our member testimonials to the right to get an idea of how others have found these lessons helpful.

The problem with fingerstyle guitar is that there aren’t very many good resources for learning. You may get lucky and find a private instructor in your area, and chances are it is going to cost you roughly $100 per month or more and may require a lengthy commute. You’ll also have to work the lesson times into your schedule. Trust me, I know. I have been a guitar teacher for the past 30 years, and I currently still teach students to play. Learning guitar online is a great alternative method, not to mention a fraction of the cost of live private lessons. You can learn at your own pace and will never have to worry about scheduling, make-up lessons or commuting. Learn how to fingerpick the guitar in the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

How this site will help you become a better fingerstyle guitar player:

• My lessons focus on actual songs.
• I personally teach each song with video and tabs. There is no need to read music.
• I won’t bore you with rigorous drills and exercises.
• You’ll be learning songs right away.
• The material ranges from beginner to advanced
• You can email me with any questions or comments.
• I take requests for songs that you would like to learn.
• I add new material monthly.
• It’s only $12.95 per month.

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Through this site I offer quality lessons that will teach you to play fingerstyle guitar. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, there is something for you to learn.

I hope you will find my video fingerstyle guitar lessons fun, challenging, and rewarding.

At $12.95 per month, my lessons are a bargain. Consider that the average guitar teacher charges $100 per month, which is roughly $25 per lesson. If you learn one song per lesson that is $25 per song.

I am offering unlimited access to numerous songs at only $12.95 per month. I add new songs every month. If at any time you should run out of material to learn you can simply cancel your subscription. There is no need to call, no need to worry about what day and time your lesson is, and no need to worry about a make-up lesson.

I offer the best way to learn fingerstyle guitar, which is to learn at your own pace. Whether you are a beginner guitar player or a more advanced player, there will be something for you to learn. Even complete beginners can access the beginner series which will guide you to becoming a great fingerstyle guitarist.


Dan Holloway

Beginning Guitar Series Now Available!

This 12 lesson program is designed to teach you how to play guitar from square one. You will learn all the necessary, fundamental skills required to play guitar well and have fun while doing it! From tuning, to left hand technique, chords, pick technique, strumming paterens, fingerpicking, reading tablature and chord charts, and playing songs, this program is aimed at getting you ready to learn whatever kind of guitar playing interests you the most. Whether it's acoustic guitar or electric guitar, this program will give you the skills you need to pursue many genres of music and guitar playing! At only $12.95 a month, this program is a bargain, considering that it will cover over three months worth of private lessons (Nearly a $300 value). Try it out! You can keep your membership for as long as it takes you to learn how to play, and cancel at anytime.